The Simco Products

We are known for specialty OEM.

Simco has over three decades of experience providing innovative designs and state-of-the-art engineering for a wide range of products including: electronic modules with embedded software, wire harness assemblies, gauges and lighting blended with custom graphics, and our patented Micro Air Core (MAC) technology.

We are trusted to perform.

Simco customers are spread across industries ranging from recreational to military with vehicles that operate in a wide range of environments and conditions, each offer their own unique challenges. To meet these challenges head on, we design our products with the right options for any condition—including sealed connectors systems, waterproof assemblies, temperature and UV color fade resistance, operational efficiency and more. All done in our ISO compliant facility using custom design and cutting-edge engineering. Our customers seek us out and choose us because we deliver performance on a level of quality that stands up to even the most extreme conditions.